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Universal and Original Equipment Compared


Original means just that. It's not a generic after market box. It's the exact same cable box that the cable company uses, refurbished and designed to work on a specific cable system where they use that exact model. The main advantage of original equipment is you can not beat the picture and sound quality, universal boxes have excellent quality but original equipment was designed just for your system. One disavantage is that if you move to another area where they use a different cable box model number it may not work.


Universal Equipment is designed to work on a number of systems. The advantage is if you move it stands a much better chance of working then Original Equipment.


The Clearview is the best Universal box on the market.


The main advantage of the Rampage over any other Universal box is its power supply is external of the cable converter so there is very little heat and the electronic componets do not break down. Result is it last longer!

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