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Rft-Pio Add-on Descrambler Only $140

This new revolutionary tester is the best digital multi-frequency, tester on the market today.  It is fast, accurate, durable, automatic, and easy to use.

Non-addressable cable company converter box. Once the RFT-PIO is connected, powered up, it will be possible to view all Pay-Per-View and Premium services for evaluation and testing.



The RFT-PIO is to be placed and wired in between the incoming cable service and your cable box. The transformer side of the RFT-PIO is plugged into a wall outlet and the power adapter plugged into the power jack on the RFT-PIO unit.


Simply turn on your TV and cable tuner box; the RFT-PIO test unit will automatically power-up and the power LED will light up...its that simple.

Multiple Converter Boxes

The RFT-PIO can be used to test multiple boxes. This is accomplished by connecting the RFT-PIO to the incoming cable line, before the initial splitter. All cable boxes connected after the RFT-PIO will be put on test mode. When using multiple splitters or when the cable signal is low, a 10 dB line amplifier may be necessary (not very often) to maintain optimum picture quality.


The RFT-PIO carries a 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked) and a 1 year parts and labor warranty. No warranty, either implied or expressed, covers in the event of cable operator system changes.

Plus $25 for shipping and handling

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